Brent Solomon

Chief Commercial Officer

Brent Solomon is the Chief Commercial & Development Officer. Known in the company as ‘the operations guru’, he is responsible for the company operations, the management of business functions and relationships, and the opening of new restaurants.

Through deep knowledge gained from over twenty years as an operator in the food industry, he motivates employees to aim higher and work smarter, using foreseeable boundaries as stepping stones to greater success. Brent’s operational performance has earned multiple awards such as “Operator of the Year” and “Franchisee of the Year” from notable companies such as Black Steer Steakhouse, Bulldog’s Pub, Muffin Break, Pizza Bella and Alitalia Cafe.

He cites his long time with the company as a personal journey of fulfilment and growth, allowing him to evolve from a single man operator to the director of multiple brands, restaurants and teams of talented people.