Sean Hall

Head of Culinary & Beverage

A passionate and experienced chef with over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Expert in creating delicious and innovative dishes, with a focus on creating customer focussed menus that create an everlasting memory.

Chef Sean Hall’s love for the art of culinary was sparked during the early days on his grandfather’s cattle farm in South Africa, where he discovered the magic of cooking techniques and a deep appreciation for the interplay of ingredients and flavours.

Chef Sean completed his chef apprenticeship in the United Kingdom and had the privilege to work under the mentorship of some well established chef. His love and passion grew after joining the Jamie Oliver group where it gave him the opportunity to work in high volume customer preparation experiences.

After relocating to Australia, Sean assumed the role of Executive Chef at 6HEAD where he continued to push the boundaries of culinary innovation by incorporating fresh techniques, equipment, and ingredients to refine his dishes and the menu. Sean also led the culinary approach for the opening of 6HEAD in Perth where he added ingredients and dishes reflecting the quality of local WA produce.

Sean believes that “When creating new dishes I am always striving for perfection. Each dish is created to ensure the guest goes on either a journey of nostalgia or to create an everlasting food memory”.

Chef Sean progressed to become the Head of Culinary for the Seagrass group where he is responsible for the menu identity of each brand and for the team of talented chefs that champion the individuality of the brands they are responsible for.

Sean is a passionate leader with a gift for driving the uniqueness of the dishes on a menu that reflect the idea of the brand.