Italian Street Kitchen (ISK) is a confident, social and authentic new restaurant set to make a mark on the streets and taste buds of Neutral Bay. Brought to you by the Seagrass Boutique Hospitality Group (SBHG), ISK will offer the local community an experience of Italian street food culture.ISK will offer an indoor street fair experience (day-to-night) that will feature traditional Italian food. Diners will be transported to the cobblestone streets of Rome, to experience quintessentially local food culture of street value.

Upon entering the restaurant space, diners will find themselves immersed in a feasting mecca, with various interactive food stations, and atmosphere that is based on the vibe of an Italian street fair.

Guests of ISK can indulge in a selection of antipasto (arancini, fried & baked cheese, salumi & formaggio, meatballs and more) or dabble in a tasting of their lamb or chicken ‘Spit Roast’ offering, cooked on an open flame barbeque and wood fired oven pork roast.

Serving freshly made pasta and wood fire pizza, these traditional offerings are the key standouts. You’ll find familiar favourites made using only the freshest ingredients, including authentic home-made pasta and sauces prepared daily, as well as their delicious oven-baked pastas, gnocchi, cannelloni and lasagnes.

Sydney restaurateur Mauro Marcucci, owner of Baccomatto Osteria, has joined SBHG to create an offering and menu that is designed to be shared among family and friends.

Staying true to Italian Street Kitchen’s European roots, the space demands a “look and feel” to match the relaxed culture and atmosphere inspired by the streets of Italy. Designed by Otto Design Interiors, the space will be complemented in a simple neutral colour palette with natural timbers, polished concrete and plaster with a contrast of raw and refined black steel elements define areas and highlight a theatrical ambiance throughout the space. Further enhancing the interior is an area for fresh produce and meats that are showcased throughout the open style kitchen.

Italian Street Kitchen is about authenticity, flavoursome produce and providing consumers with a casual dining experience. The team looks forward to welcoming you into their home.

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