Hunter & Barrel is a unique, vibrant bar and restaurant which celebrates quality meat through warm and hearty dishes and delivers exciting craft beverages from a barrel.

The  concept is warm, inviting and theatrical – fresh meat will be prepared and grilled on large skewers for all to see, and drinks will be delivered by a suspended wall covered with pipes and barrels.

The menu consists of sharing boards, braised soup, hearty stews and pies and a selection of communal platters for those looking for a snack.

Our beverage menu is unique and progressive as it takes something that has been around since the Middle Ages, and reinvents itself to offer beverages that are relevant to today such as craft beer; barrel aged wine and spirits naturally complimenting the fire, char and meat of the hunter.

“As a design firm that is passionate about intersecting the fields of architecture, product design, and branding, Hunter & Barrel was the perfect project to implement this unique and powerful fusion in practice. We drew inspiration from different eras and interweaved these elements with our re-imagined take on modern dining. By blending the nostalgia and rich qualities of the old English pub with modern, innovative design approaches, we see the result as a bold, strong, and confident gesture of what our society looks for in modern-day, communal feasting. Hunter & Barrel is not only a celebration of world-class meat and beverages, but it offers a rich, atmospheric, dining experience.”

O.D.O Design

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