Yvette Wagemaker

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2013 saw some major changes to our company, Seagrass Boutique Hospitality Group. We topped 500 staff in Australia and opened 8 new restaurants across our brands, which of course placed significant demands on our team as we grew.

Our Awards night, held in late October, saw us recognise some of our outstanding staff for the incredible contributions they have made to our growth and success in Australia.

Our Top annual prize, the Bradley Award, recognises loyalty and dedication, commitment and passion, and performance and success.

For 2013 we had quite a number of eligible staff for this award and it was a very close run! Our deserving winner for 2013 was Yvette Wagemaker, the company’s Payroll Manager. Yvette’s amazing work ethic and enormous daily contribution to our rapid growth was rewarded with a new car!

Here is Yvette standing with her new VW Up! Congratulations Yvette! The award was very well deserved.

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