Gold Dust Specialist

Bradley is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Seagrass.

Bradley is a successful entrepreneur with a unique blend of vision, wisdom and business foresight. Having begun his career at the age of 18 as an assistant chef in the South African Defence Force, he has since owned and directed restaurants and companies that include the Longhorn Steakhouse, Black Steer Steakhouse, The Meat & Wine Co, Ribs and Rumps plus Ribs & Burgers. He also successfully franchised 156 Black Steer Steakhouses in three and a half years.

Bradley’s success is due to his ability to combine his personal beliefs with the culture of his companies. He believes in the respect and the value of people, a global signature that was fostered in South Africa and then exported to countries such as The United Arab Emirates, England, Kuwait, Israel, China and Australia. With a mindset on people, Bradley has built a network of lifetime work colleagues and customers. A return on an investment paid in commitment and loyalty.

The only thing more prevalent than his business sense is his never-ending desire to satisfy and amaze his customers. Bradley believes that this can only be achieved through the endless pursuit of improvement, the courage to innovate an industry and the surpassing of what is considered excellent.