A message to our team

Team, I am acutely aware of how privileged I have been throughout my years in the hospitality industry to have known and learnt from so many remarkable people, teachers, trainers, coaches, mentors, friends and family.

it is so hard for me to fathom how I could have flourished in the restaurant business without the benefit of their advice, guidance, support and standing by me, believing in my vision and direction.

Restaurants are a fascinating laboratory of life. It’s hard work to master one’s emotions day by day in the pursuit of providing service excellence and hospitality for others.

As human beings with human emotions, some days are easier than others. But it’s often those tough days that supply the most lasting lessons.

I am deeply indebted to the hundreds of staff members – past and present, local and international, who have shared a period of their lives with our restaurant and guests, while making a living in the hospitality industry. Thanks to them, there was no shortage of rich material that came to mind when I wrote this speech. Together with these people we have been in animated dialogue, for over three decades, with an army of devoted staff and guests who have rewarded our restaurants.

Don’t let yesterday take up to much of the day. Inhale the future and exhale the past. Let every bruise make you stronger, every tear make you braver and every heartbreak make you wiser.

But because we’ve always taken a genuine, active interest in those guests and staff who have always stuck by our side no matter how the chips have fallen; I am convinced that a business cannot be more successful than the sum of the human relationships it has fostered and nurtured.

By that measure we are triumphant. It is in that spirit that I thank the thousands of guests and hundreds of staff who have not only patronised and gone above the call of duty in our restaurants over these many years, but who have become part of my family.

Specific thanks,

Please stand when I call your name ;

Melanie for always delivering and making me look good.

Steve for being my left hand and PA.

Tony & Rocco for your consistence, loyalty, support and quality supply.

Kelly our people custodian.

Cam the teacher, for all your sleepless nights.

Wayne my food analyst  for your innovation.

Kim my personal travel agent that never lets me down.

Sam for your long service and commitment.

Adam Issa for your passion and will to win and never wanting to fail.

Adam Waldron for your long hours (hasn’t gone unnoticed) and making a difference.

Mona for your energy and love.

Chad for your unstoppable passion and care.

Mauro for being Italian!

Lucky for your passion, love for the product & people and your loyalty.

Sanjeev for your love, loyalty and commitment.

Vince for spending our money wisely and never letting me down.

Justine for putting this amazing event together.

Cassidy for always delivering, the good news as well as the complaints.

Savannah for hiring the right people.

Brent for being my Ops right hand and always covering my back.

Annie for your unseen efforts and work ethic.

Alan, my limo driver, for always being on time and never letting us down.

Alan, our cleaner, for keeping our stores in perfect shape.

George for your unsurpassed strategic mind.

Robyn for your dedication and support.


THANK YOU all for believing in my vision and for your unwavering commitment to operating such excellent restaurants and allowing me the time and space I need to grow the group.

Finally, I admire and thank all the people in our business who have given me their best and made the business what it is today. We as a team will go from strength to strength.

I don’t have dreams, I have goals and together we will achieve them. My focus for this year is to franchise Ribs & Burgers and Italian Street Kitchen. May we continue to turn our passion and loyalty into excellence and create an abundant future.

Thank you and God bless you all.