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The world is teaming with smart, skilled, passionate people who are eager to demonstrate how much they know and how good they are… People who just might contribute anything from a brilliant idea to a whole collection of small innovations that will set us apart from the competition. These people don’t have to work for us in order to work with us but we do have to invite them into our organisation and persuade them to give us their best effort.


Big ideas come from big thinkers: the eccentric genius, the inspired founder, the visionary CEO. Business history is filled with heroic tales of breakthroughs fueled by unique imagination and individual determination. ie;


Alexander Graham Bell and the telephone.

Henry Ford and the assembly line.

Edward Land and instant photography.

Walt Disney and the magic of Disneyland.”

Steve Jobs and Apple.


At Seagrass we work as a team because nobody is as smart as everybody.

We strive to make Seagrass the kind of organization that people are eager to work with and we will become a magnet for brainpower, wherever those brains may be located.

The key is to surround ourselves only with people who uplift and add value to what we are doing.


We cannot motivate the best people with money. Money is just a way to keep score. The best people in any field are motivated by passion and that becomes more true the higher the skill level.

I have learnt through working with and developing people that they do their best work when they are passionately engaged in what they’re doing.


It is important for us to look outside our walls of Seagrass before we reinvent the wheel and start a new project. This has become a routine part of our innovation process:
bringing in solutions that are available from the outside.


It’s amazing to think there are people inside big companies spending millions of dollars to rediscover knowledge that already exists!


For us, the foundation of a brand is CULTURE and COSTS and the psychological contract, the contract between our company and its employees and between those employees and their customers.


Great consumer companies are built on genuine passion, plus a day-today commitment to great execution by the employees.

Here at Seagrass Boutique Hospitality group, we strive every day to make a difference.

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