A message to our team


As you all know, we recently changed our name to SEAGRASS BOUTIQUE HOSPITALITY GROUP.

We chose this name, because Seagrass is strong and resilient. It protects and nurtures all that exists around it.
In the same way, the group hopes to embrace and develop YOU – our people, While at the same time, providing the best possible service to our guests.

Seagrass is not based on a management handbook. It is based on a philosophy that came from my journey. I stuck to some very basic principles that worked for me – integrity being the biggest one. I opened my mind to ideas and learned, that mistakes are better teachers than success, and that there is no straight line to one’s vision or dream.

2013 has in many ways marked a rebirth – a renaissance for ME and the group. My vision for the year was to grow… and the year has been filled with challenges, new opportunities and growth! It has been an exceptionally busy, and productive year – the latter is a direct result of YOUR energy and enthusiasm! Thank you all for making our brands so innovative and successful.

I’ve had the privilege of working very closely with some EXTRAORDINARY, IMPRESSIVE and LOYAL people over the years: – staff members, family members, managers, suppliers, and partners. Those from the past and all of you in the present have taught me – every day I COME TO WORK saying, “I have to make a difference in someone’s life,

I have learned that work has to be seen, as a corridor to better things – a Career Path and not just a Job. It’s hard for me to figure out how I would have grown in this industry without the advice, guidance, and support given to me. This, together with your loyalty, your energy, your talent and most of all; your confidence in my vision has grown me and I am humbled to be part of your positive and energised team!

I am certain that generosity of spirit has flowed abundantly in my life , and that, I am what I am because of others – for this privilege, I remain FOREVER grateful!

I am extremely happy with the stores that were rolled out this year. Most of our expectations were met thanks to YOUR dedication and YOUR effort. I have just come back from a trip to Dubai, New York and California. This highlighted the fact that our restaurants are indeed “world class” — and something we can all be proud of!


For me, restaurants are a fascinating laboratory for life – they test us to the limit:- It’s hard work to master one’s own emotions every single day in spite of sometimes pressing personal circumstances. To remain consistent – all in the pursuit of providing service excellence and hospitality to our guests.

As human beings with human emotions, some days are easier than others. But it’s often the tough days that pose the greatest challenges. Those days when we literally stretch ourselves to ensure that the show must go on And our guests remain happy. In the same way, under the most pressing and chaotic conditions, you have remained professional and dedicated to maintaining our high standards. You are all the core of our business!

With thousands of customer interactions, it is YOU who drive guest satisfaction, and it is YOU who keep them coming back again & again.

To our motivated and highly committed Management Team: You are dynamic and second to none in the industry! There exists a cohesiveness and synergy in the management team at Seagrass that is difficult to match! Thank you all for always seeing nothing as a problem, for combining your energies, working together and achieving brilliant results!

We are a people organisation that works FOR people – And we succeed thanks to OUR PEOPLE, together, we transform Passion into Excellence never forgetting our underlying values of Respect, Humility Integrity and Love.

Having said this:- We want our team members to have fun — because success without fun never lasts, and fun without success isn’t much fun. “Fun” for us means enjoying our work, enjoying the people we work with, enjoying the difference we make in the lives of our guests and celebrating our achievements together as a team!By this measure we are extremely lucky, blessed and favoured!!!!

My vision and my goal is: to make SEAGRASS the preferred choice in the hospitality industry;and to keep growing and developing our people. Together, I know we will realise this! Let us be driven by our passion and our love for this industry
May all your efforts be rewarded with a blessed festive season and a great 2014. May we continue to look upward and go from strength to strength!

Thank you and God bless you all!